Information about our outdoor fabrics

World Of Wicker provide the following information & technical data about our outdoor cushion and cover fabrics.

Information & technical data.

  • All our outdoor fabrics are flame retardant to comply with current legislation.
  • Our outdoor fabrics are colourfast against weathering.
  • Our outdoor fabrics are UV fast and will not fade in sunlight.
  • Our outdoor fabrics are water repellent.

Cushions and covers made with these fabrics will not be 100% waterproof. Therefore it is strongly recommended that the cushions are not left outside in rainy conditions and are removed from your furniture and stored in a secure dry area after use.

We can not accept any responsibility for damage to cushions or covers left outside in wet conditions. waterproofing sprays can be bought to treat the covers but we can not accept any responsibility for any issues arising after a spray has been used.

The fabrics we use are technically excellent, superb quality and hard wearing. With due care and attention they will last you many years.

Technical data – 

  • Water repellant to: bs 5852 0+1
  • Weatherproofed t0: bs en iso 105-b04
  • Flame retardant to: bs5867

If you purchase cushions or covers from us further sets can be ordered at a discount on production of proof of purchase. Please keep your receipt.

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